“Star of Silicon Valley" is the first innovation contest held by Hebei Province and Hebei Chamber of Commerce in California to provide the platform for innovators from both Silicon Valley and China to show their idea of becoming the 'next big thing."

Looking to change the world? Searching for a space when you can show on doing more? look no further, apply today!

Important Dates

27 Nov, 2018

6.00 pm - 8.30 pm

Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Silicon Valley Forum and Dinner

15 Oct, 2018

2.30 pm - 7.30 pm

The 2nd Silicon Valley Tech Elites Hebei Tour

28 Aug, 2018

2.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Hebei Provincial Representatives visiting Silicon Valley and meeting with California House of Representatives and Sherriff of Santa Clara county, California

25 Aug, 2018

2.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Han Dan City Delegation in Silicon Valley