As a cooperative enterprise of the American-Asian Economic Association,Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park is intended to introduce the project, technology, experts, capital and innovative entrepreneurship model in Silicon Valley into China.
Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park is an incubator based in China and the United States. Based on the advanced concept of Incubator 5.0, it implements a large-scale international innovation platform of “bidirectional acceleration, two-way interaction, and two-way landing”.

1. Screening quality projects for investment, expert counseling,
re-development, financing, precision marketing in line with
on-site production, until counselling and listing. 2. With the support of AAECA, guided by market demand, we provide the service for the innovation enterprise, venture capital and university in Hebei and Silicon Valley. 3. Entrusted by Hebei Province and local governments, targeting on raise projects, technology, intelligence, and talents. And regularly exchanges and visits Hebei governments and science and technology centers to promote the transformation and upgrading the local economics. 4. Provide necessary and adequate service for those
companies have demands to enter the Silicon Valley.

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